Saturday 2-23-19 11pm Update

Greetings and welcome!


The TV radar says that it switched over to snow. I wish. Ground truth is rain.


We had a good day with 4″ of fresh snow.

Tonight it did a little freezing drizzle after dark. It was not a big deal because the warm air behind it helped a little. At 11 pm it was full on raining hard enough that I could hear it on the roof. That was the intro of the big storm.  Not sure what will happen. At the moment the flood light shows rain with a mix.

Morning update..

I don’t know what to think about our storm. The first wave was supposed to be light and maybe an inch. I have 4″ of fresh snow outside. There isn’t much on the radar at the moment, maybe riders today will have a good day.

The NWS has changed their forecast to show more freezing rain and less snow. The are saying that we could see 2″ today (blew that one) and 1/10th inch of ice. Tonight they are looking for snow, sleet and freezing rain, with a total of  3″ of snow and 1/4″ of ice accumulation. If I move the forecast up to Goodman that are looking for 2″ today, 6″ tonight, and 2″ tomorrow. That is a lot closer to what I am expecting.

It is all a question of where the rain/snow line sets up. Will it be in Crivitz, at Hwy X, at Hwy C, at Benson Lake Rd? Those are all rain/snow lines that I have identified over the years. Right now it is hard to say.

I am off to get ready to head to Rapids. Stop in if you are in the area.

Have a good Saturday and thank you for visiting!