Saturday 2-3-18

Greetings and welcome!

We have a little snow on the ground this morning, probably less than 1/2″. The snow is expected to pick up about 8 or 9 this morning, go until tonight, and then there is a chance for a little more Saturday night into Sunday.

The NWS is looking for about 4″ between 8am and 10pm and less than an inch going into Sunday. The TV is showing 3.4″ by 7pm and 4.3″ by Sunday morning.

This is on top of trails that look great and are making riders happy. Comments from Dan G and High Falls 2 Thursday..

Also, we rode Iron Snowshoe, Paul Bunyan, Red Arrow, and Chute Pond trails yesterday, and they were in really nice shape- best of the season so far!

Rode north to Goodman, Armstrong Creek , Wabeno and back to Silver Cliff today. 95% of trails were perfect. More snow can only make better. High Falls 2.

I have not been far bit the trails that I saw along C and along Parkway tonight looked really nice, and earlier in the week the ride to Crooked Lake found really nice trails. Add 3-4″ of snow and it should be a pretty sweet weekend.

With highs in the low to mid teens we should see less whoopties and stutter bumps set up on busy trails than we would on a warmer day, and that is a bonus too.

I did get confirmation that the outhouse races at Firelane Bar are tomorrow. We also have ice bowling at the Parkway Inn and other events.

This is what we have been waiting for!

Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting!




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