Saturday 2-6-16

Greetings and welcome!

Wow what an incredible day! Hundreds and hundreds of riders passed by the Rapids Resort, and quite a few stopped.Thank you to everyone that made the trip and made it such an incredible day!

I got a few pictures of people and groups, but later in the afternoon it got a little too busy for me to be able to escape, so I missed a lot of people. My apologies to those that I missed. The plan is to have the pictures up here on the site for Monday.

My head is just spinning with all of the friends that I got to see again, and the gratitude and encouragement that you brought. Thank you so much!

The trails took a good beating today and the groomers will have their work cut out for them tonight. I don’t think that I have seen a weekend this busy in at least 3+ years. There were a lot of big groups, many more than normal. It was great to see people back on the trails after such a poor winter.

I am liking that I am seeing some snow moving in on the radar, that will help the cause. Hopefully it gets way out of hand and leaves a fat blanket of fresh snow for us to play in Sunday. The TV says that it could be 4″ by mid-day Monday. Like I said, hopefully it gets way out of hand.

A lot of your picked up on my “Sure things and ideal scenarios make me nervous.” comment on the eve of last Tuesday’s storm. We all know that you could make money betting against the weatherman. It is a tough gig, believe me.. Tuesday’s storm was just a little too well advertised, and a little too perfect, and a lot of you were right on that. Well done.

There were a lot more questions and discussions with site visitors, so we will have some stuff to talk about next week above and beyond the usual updates.

Time for me to run along. Have a great weekend and thank you all!