Saturday 2-7-15

Greetings and welcome!

It was a comfortable 25 degree day today. It looked like it wanted to drizzle or snow, but it never did. Now the radar shows the precip well to our east. It was an overcast day, and there wasn’t a lot of contrast on the trails, so bumps might have been a little hard to see.

It was a short day for me at Rapids today. We didn’t have many riders early, so I took off to help a friend get his WiFi fixed down by X & Parkway. The trails on the way there had pretty much full coverage, even if it was a little snirty in spots. The road trails on the way back were pretty bare. The usual ice base was only there in spots.

After getting my friend back on the net I headed back to Rapids to meet a few groups. We did some pictures and visited. I wasn’t feeling good later and left in kind of a hurry. I will be there next Saturday from noon to four, possibly longer.

Tomorrow is mine. This week I wrapped up some major projects that had me pulling really long hours. Finally I have a day off.  After some morning chores and a run to town the balance of the day is dedicated to either checking over the sled or riding it.

It looks like we are getting some freezing drizzle. There isn’t anything on the radar, but there is definitely an ice glaze forming on everything. It is expected to change to light snow or flurries later.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!