Saturday December 3rd, 2011

Halftime update..

Greetings and welcome!

The storm has not produced snow for us. The total on my back step is about 1/4″ of slush.

The day started out foggy with a mist and drizzle. Where they hadn’t salted the roads it got pretty wicked. Thankfully between the salt that the county crews put down and a day that went to almost 40 degrees, the main roads were good enough after about 10am.

It continued to drizzle and mist most of the day. There was a little snow mixed in at about sunset, but so far we are mostly on the wrong side of the rain/snow line.

According to the Intellecast radar, the rain snow line is about from Wausau to Iron Mountain. That excludes most of Marinette and Oconto County, as well as the SE 1/4 of Forest Co. Far NW Narinette Co is being shown as snow.

As I predicted yesterday, the liquid precip saturated the snow and it packed down well and got icy out in the driveway and wood yard. It isn’t 5-8, but it isn’t a total loss. It all goes toward a base one way or the other.

Right now the NWS is looking for 1-3 tonight and maybe an inch tomorrow for a total of 2-4.

I spent a lot of the day outside. First up was a mid-morning ride to the antique snowmobile show at Gateway. The ride there was interesting when the road was icy from the freezing fog and drizzle, but it got better as I went.

The antique snowmobile show saw an excellent turnout from exhibitors, swap meet people, and spectators. There were a lot of great old sleds there and plenty of people to appreciate them. It was a packed house for such a misty rainy day.

I took quite a few pictures which I will make into a gallery soon.

On a walk through the swap meet there were a couple of nice old sleds that sold cheap, and a lot of parts for sale. I found an oddball top wheel for the suspension on the RXL for a dollar. Sweet.

If I’da gotten there a little earlier I probably would have been loading this little fella into the back of the truck.. I grew up on a couple of these in middle school. Two hundred OBO? Nice.

After the show I came home and split wood for a few hours, pretty much finishing that task other than stacking it in the wood shed. I got that covered up and pulled the splitter down by the work shed to clean it up.

As the compressor was running I went around and filled the RXL up with fresh 93 and got it started. Sunset was coming so I didn’t have time to pull it out and take a ride, but it starts and runs. As usual it needs a battery, but those should be an annual maintenance item anyway.

Anyway the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders antique snowmobile show at Gateway rocked, the storm so far hasn’t.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!