Saturday December 26th, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

So the question of the day is how far do we need to travel before we get to ride. A good friend asked that question so I spent a good bit of this morning looking around.

Vilas Co -Closed

Hurley- Not enough yet



…on and on.

The one spot that I found that had enough was around Twin Lakes over to Toivola, MI. A week old report said that they had 20-30″, but later reports said that they had warm temperatures and rain mid-week. They are expecting about another 8″ out of the current storm.

Is it really true that one little area got pounded? With  lake effect snow that kind of stuff is possible.

In all honesty I know as much as you do, also being hundreds of miles away. I’d call Twin Lakes and Toivola area businesses before I went. One verification came in John Dee’s forum.

At the moment the radar looks like the focus of the storm will be quite a ways NW of our area. We could see an inch according to the current forecast. The Monday night Tue storm is still on track for accumulating snow, though it is not quite as impressive as it looked yesterday.

That is it for this morning. Have a good Saturday and thank you for visiting!