Saturday December 26th, 2020

Greetings and welcome!

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy Christmas.

We have some snow to talk about. There isn’t much on the ground right now, maybe an inch. I can still see leaves and grass tops.

Sunday afternoon and evening a clipper system is expected. It could bring a 1-3″ snow with the heaviest snow south of about Crivitz. The NWS is calling for 1-1.5″ for this area.

The storm that has my attention at the moment comes Thursday the 30th. The GFS and European models differ a little after that. The Euro has the snow continuing into New Year’ Day, the GFS moves the storm out on the 30th.

I am a little troubled by the various snowfall predictions because we are going to be flirting with the rain/snow line. Right now it looks like snow and then rain, followed by the cold side of the storm with just a little more snow. The Euro is showing 12-13″ of snow, but looking at the rain/snow line I wouldn’t bet heavily on that.

Right now my guess is that we will see a nice ice base builder with something like 3-6 or 4-8″ and then rain to soak it. Follow it with a cold blast and we get a nice ice base.

Both models are showing 1-1.5″ of precip, and more just to our south. How much will be rain and how much will be snow is the question.

Thursday night we got down to 11 degrees. Friday got up to 24, and last night went down to 18. It is 24 at 9am and we are expecting a high of 26. At least we are making ice and frost in the ground while we wait for the snow.

That is news for this morning. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!