Saturday February 14th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!


I just got word that the High Falls Winterfest has been cancelled. The message said that it was due to the cold, high winds, and whiteout conditions. I checked the Twin Bridge Ski Team Facebook page for verification and here is what it said..

15 mins · Middle Inlet, WI · Edited ·

Sorry for any inconvenience Winterfest is cancelled!!!! We are unable to keep the tent up due to the high winds and safety concerns. We are postponing, stay tuned for updates!!!

It is a cold and windy start to the day. I checked in on Athelstane Weather and they had 2 degrees. The winds were variable around 10mph, but about 5 minutes ago they recorded a 32mph wind gust, and -24 wind chills.
Checking the TV weather channel Wabeno was the coldest of area stations between about Sheboygan and Iron Mountain (pretty common). They had -8 with -30 chills. Crivitz was at -2 and -16.
We ended up with almost an inch of snow yesterday, and a late night wave pushed us over the 1″ mark. When I was out last night the trails looked like they groomed out nicely.
Well I am going to get this posted to let people know about the Winterfest/Fishorama. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!