Saturday January 15th, 2011 6pm

Greetings and welcome!

Today was one of those days where it was fun to be me. I met pretty many people that came to visit at Rapids this afternoon. I even got to meet Mixerking, who has brought us a lot of reports in the comments section when he rides.

In answer to a question at the bar, Garrick’s trail report was in the Friday comments section. My answer to that was to put a break in the report so that you click through to read it, and the comments are expanded automatically. Check Friday’s report for an example.

It is usually the tradition where I hang out too long at Rapids snowmobiling Saturday nights, forget the camera, and retrieve it about Wednesday. Not today. Today we will have pictures posted hours after you visited.

Thank you all for visiting! It is greatly appreciated.


It feels a lot colder than it is at sunset. I was surprised when I came home and Athelstane Weather had 9 above. I guessed it for half of that or less. Maybe it was the wind, maybe the humidity, maybe it was because I had no longjohns on, or just that sunset chill, but it seemed colder than 9.

The NWS forecast at the moment is for a low of 2-4 above. They expect it to cloud up later and keep us from the sub-zero range. There was a cloud line on the horizon at sunset, so that holds promise. If it would stay clear it would be a crisp one and probably -5 or more.

Most of the riders that came in to Rapids while I was there were all page visitors (TYVM!) so they kind of knew what to expect. The consensus was that there was more snow north and west, less the other way.

Well I better scoot. I just ran home to feed the wood burner and grab a bite. I might get called back into action later if it is busy, if not I’ll be there for a while watching the football game. They have food, raffles, jellos when the Pack scores, and dollar mugs, and some other fun stuff.

That’s it from there. Thank you to all of the people that stopped by!