Saturday January 22, 2011-6pm

Greetings and welcome!

6pm Update

Thank you very much to all of the people that came to visit at the Rapids today. I know that I missed some of you when we got a little busy, my apologies.  I really appreciate it when folks visit, and so does the Rapids. Extra thanks goes out to the guys that slipped me some gas money. I’ll be on that next week. Thank you again!

Tonight the NWS is expecting lows from -4  to -12. Tomorrow they are predicting highs 11 to 16 and maybe some wind(5-10) in the afternoon.

There is a chance of an inch or three Monday afternoon. There is a stronger clipper possible for Friday night, but the GFS has some high pressure pushing it east before it can snow a lot. We will probably still see the winds associated with it, and therefore some lake effect snow in addition to system snow. It is very strong for a clipper (988mb).

The answer to the question that I heard a lot today just changed. A check of the GFS shows a bigger storm about day 14 or 15. I’m skeptical though, I could see it getting pushed south. Yes it would be nice to get out of this pattern of clipper after clipper and get a storm or two with 3-6 or 4-8, or perish the thought, over a foot of snow in one storm.

At Rapids we had people from both sides of the state line wishing their teams well, people from Waubee Lake, some old friends and some new ones. It was a pretty cool afternoon for not being able to saddle up.

Generally people found trails good enough. There was some networking going on to find out where the thin spots were and trying to avoid them, and that was cool too.

The article cited in this morning’s update about the -46 temps last week in MN brought some comments. That is definitely cold stuff. The frozen fog was cool, but I’m good with a picture of it.

Here are some pictures from today.There might be more coming.


Have a good weekend and thank you!


Morning Update

It looks like a quiet weekend based on traffic yesterday. That kind of surprised me, the hit counter was running at near record levels this week.

Yesterday I got a chance to see trails between here and Wausaukee. East of Athelstane they were pretty thin, but they had a rideable little base going.

The cold weather last week was impressive nearby. Athelstane Weather had -16.4. The TV said that Lakewood was -20. Farther west Hayward saw -34, and there were places in MN that went down to -46, and that is without wind chill.. Check out this article for details.

I talked to an ice fisherman yesterday and he said that there was about 18″ of ice where he was fishing. I’d bet that the ice was singing when it was so cold the other night.

That is about it from here, I am off to get ready for work at Rapids.

Have a good weeeknd and thank you for visiting!