Saturday January 28th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

Friday’s warm day did some damage but did not put an end to the weekend. It was 41 and sunny and the roof was dripping madly. Apparently the trails handled it fairly well, people are still riding. It could not have helped some of the more marginal trails that I rode Thursday.

The snow overnight ended up being a dusting here. It could have gone 2-3″ on some of the earlier model portrayals, but the radar was showing it fast moving and the models were showing  2 frames at 0.01-0.1″, which would have maxed out at about 2″. That and it is has been a terrible season for snowfall so far, so I just didn’t believe. I was right not to.

I can tell that there are a lot of people around this weekend. Not only was it a big week on the stat counter, the Internet is really slow.  I get my pseudo high speed Internet off of the cell towers. When a lot of people are around on a weekend it slows to a crawl from people using the net on phones. Yesterday and last night were really bad, and right now it is worse than dial-up, indicating a lot of weekend traffic.

The radar runs and fishoree at Boat Landing 9 is under way as are the many other events for the weekend. I talked to the folks from Fisher’s Camp on Thursday night and they said that they would be closed this weekend. Apparently they wee one of several places that got checked by the state and federal revenuers and while they came out of the inspection clean as a whistle, they noticed a very minor wording discrepancy on the licensing and shut them down. They were scrambling to get it fixed but it didn’t look like they could get it done in time for the weekend. It stinks bad that something that small could hurt a place like that, but I guess that is our modern version of government for the people by the people. They will be back up and running ASAP.

Here are a couple of trail reports from the comment section. Thanks guys!

John Says:

RJB, first of all, thanks for all you do for the area. Just did about 65 miles today, starting over by Thunder Lk and headed west to Crooked Lk, over to the P Bunyan trails, to the Waubee lodge for lunch, then back east to your neck of the woods and then south. Trails certainly could use more snow, but many areas were very nice. The IS trails were good, the Bunyan trails, fair. Not enough snow on those trails to Lakewood to cover the ruts and the rocks. On the way back, trails improved when we hit the IS trails again. While it did get warm, there was no traffic around here, so if we actually get 2? tonite, it would certainly help alot. It’s almost Feb. might as well ride whatever and wherever we can! Thanks again for the updates!


Dan Guendert Says:

The trails around Pickerel and Lily started out really good but got pretty beat up by yesterday afternoon. They should rebound nicely if they got groomed last night. The 100 Miler heading to Barb’s Valley Inn from Lily was rough, but it always is. Red Arrow Townsend trails were all in very good shape at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, including the Nicolet State Trail. Chute Pond trails are in poor to fair early season condition. Rough in areas with not much snow to work with. All trails we rode yesterday (136 miles)held up pretty good considering the temperature. For a full account of our rides, check the “Riding with Dan & Dylan” link on this page’s right column, right below John Dee. We also post our updates directly from the trails onto our Facebook page. We only got a lousy 1/2? of snow here at Chute Pond last night- sure could have used more. Regardless, we’re heading back out on the trails today. Ride safe!


I will be at Rapids Resort later today bar tending from noon until about 5. Stop by if it is on your way. I will have the camera there and if you want a pic for the web page here I will be glad to run outside and snap one. Just ask the old guy with all of the gray hair, that’s me. Later on I will be answering questions about digital photography about 6pm for the Silver Cliff Service Club if we aren’t too busy, and rumor has it that there will be an open jam type thing from 7-10.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!