Saturday January 3rd, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

The storm isn’t coming together quite as we had hoped. We have a little light snow falling as of 5am this morning, and could see an inch if we are lucky.

The storm that we were hoping for counted on a southern storm and a clipper from the northwest coning together or ‘phasing’ over our region. Unfortunately the southern storm is staying a little too far south and east, and the clipper is running late.

At that point instead of a 3-6 snow we are looking at an inch or less this morning, and a clipper with 1-3 for later today, tonight and into Sunday.

Once the two storms join forces over lower Michigan we could see a littleĀ  snow from it, but mostly we are looking at getting the strong winds and cold on the back of it. That is what Sunday’s weather is expected to be influenced by.

Today looks nice enough. We kicked it off with a little light snow, and we could see temps in the mid-20s possibly up to 30. Later today and into tonight we could see a couple of inches of snow from the clipper and lows around 10. The wind is expected to pick up Saturday night into Sunday.

Sunday we could see highs in the mid-teens, and temperatures are expected to drop sharply in the afternoon.Between the cold temps, blowing and drifting snow, and 15-25mph winds, it looks like a little less pleasant day than Saturday.

The week ahead looks mighty cold. Sunday night could go into the -20s, with wind chills in the -30s. Monday and Wednesday we will be lucky to see -5 for a high temperature.

Tuesday we could see single temperatures as a clipper brings a little warmer air and a couple of inches of snow. Behind that is more cold air, and sub-zero high temperatures. I’d be surprised to see a high of 10 degrees before about Friday.

While I really don’t like the deep cold like that, it will be good for us in the long run. Soft spots will be frozen up, lakes will add ice, and we will get a little new snow for the trails. We definitely won’t be losing any snow.

I am planning on being at the Rapids today from about noon till four. If you are riding in the area stop in, say hello, and get your picture taken for the web. I won’t be there the weekend of the 10th, but I will be back the 17th.

That is news for today. Have a good Saturday and thank you for visiting!