Saturday March 10th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

With nothing but 50s and 60s for high temperatures as far as the eye can see, it is pretty obvious that the snowmobile season is about over. The fat lady isn’t tuning up, she’s already breaking the glass..

The last couple of days have been cold with cold nights. Friday we only hit 33 and it was 19 overnight. The world of slush has turned to ice.

If a guy was dedicated he could probably go north of about Benson Lake Rd and find places to ride at least a little. There is also the Central UP, which saw a lot of lake effect snow the last two days, and Squib says to go out west in Thursday’s comments.

I might be done riding but I have quite a bit of snowmobiling related business to wrap up, so I will be doing at least a few more updates.

As far as the great meltdown goes, like I said above, the last few days have been cold. The sun has had it’s way with the usual spots, and many of those are bare and some are even soft as the frost comes out of the ground. The surviving snow and ice in sheltered areas is frozen up hard.

The hill that featured the slush ruts last time is solid ice. The ruts behind that picture are where I wiped out and got stuck are deeper, and those are ice too.It is nasty so I have been parking by the neighbor’s house and walking in with ice cleats on my shoes.

I could sweat it and get some salt & sand, but in a few days none of it will be there anyway. The high temps the next 7 days are 55,59,52, 60,65, 58, 58, and six of them look partly cloudy to sunny. Monday looks like rain. Between that and the overnight low temps above freezing nightly, we will probably see a lot of snow go away in the next week. Good bye snow, hello mud season.

BTW- There is an Iron Snowshoe Associate Member’s meeting at the Curve Inn tomorrow at 10am.

I am at the end of a long day, so I am off to saw lumber. I will be back soon. There are a lot of people to thank, topics to cover, news, and stuff to wrap up. For now, haveĀ  good Saturday and thank you for visiting!