Saturday March 11, 2023

Greetings and welcome!

I hate what the March sun does to our trails. Looking out of the window this morning I saw that the sun had melted all of the snow off of my little shed’s roof by 10am. Not nice.

We have a long duration snow event coming tonight through midnight Monday morning. The snow should start about 10 or 11 tonight and keep going all day tomorrow and keep going into tomorrow night. The NWS says 3″ tonight, 3 more tomorrow and a bonus inch Sunday night.

In theory if it is cloudy and snowing the evil sun can’t take it all away. In theory our last chance riding this weekend is getting a bonus lap. I’ll take it.

The bad part is that most of it will be gone by Tuesday night. I hate what the March sun does to our trails.

The Euro model is flirting with the idea of a monster storm for late next week. It is there one run and not the next. The other models are showing a weaker storm. Sometimes the European model gets a little carried away, but as shown right now it would be a monster storm with us in the 12-16″ band. We will see.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!