Saturday March 16th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

March showed it’s teeth again Friday afternoon. We were expecting mid-30s, with light snow and clouds, but the storm was running late, and the clouds didn’t come until evening. At that point we ended up with 40 and sunny instead. At this time of year that can happen, and when it does things can change fast.

On the way to work at 4pm there was some melting going on for sure with puddles on the road, some slushy spots on the trails, and the first small patches on the trail base showing up burned through.

A rider at work mentioned that he ran into some puddles/standing water. I saw some pretty good puddles on the road, and the ditch in front of the church by the BP in Silver Cliff was getting a ditch full.

Last night went a little better. The snow finally came and it was enough to cover the roads by 10pm. Looking out of the window this morning I see about 2″ of new snow. The morning news showed Oconto Falls the big winners in the area with 5″.

I heard last night that the melting hadn’t gone well on the flowages and that there was some water up on the ice. Like last week, I haven’t seen it, I can only tell you what they said at the the bar.

I was planning on heading down to Curve Inn later this afternoon to meet riders and do a few pictures. Right now I am rethinking that as I feel like I am getting a cold. Some things I don’t like to share with my friends, so unless I am feeling a lot different later, I am going to stay close to home.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!