Saturday March 2nd, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

The March sun was really showing it’s teeth yesterday afternoon. As I was driving down the road I was seeing water running down the road and big puddles forming. Thankfully the trails took it a lot better than the roads.

Due to a minor malfunction of the truck I decided at the last minute to take the snowmobile to work last night. My ride took me from Rapids down the flowage trail past Thorntons & Fisher’s Camp, and down to Curve Inn. The trails were in great shape both on the way there late afternoon and on the way back at about 1am. There were only one or two sunny spots that were getting sweaty, other than that it was a great ride. I even met the groomer on the way back and got a few miles of perfect trails.

Road trails that are plowed and sanded are now pretty bare and not recommended. The rest of what I saw was still in great shape.

From what I could tell last night there were a moderate number of riders out, but not quite as many as I expected. I am in agreement with those that suggested that some of our downstate friends probably stayed home to ride the trails that got the big snow last weekend.

I talked to a couple of groups that had reported riding east in the Wausaukee and Marinette areas. It is great to see those trails in good shape this year after they had been passed by the last few years. There was a report of some muddy trails between Crivitz and Wausaukee where there was a logging project, other than that they had a good time.

Time is not my friend now, so I have to run along and get ready for work at Rapids. Usually people don’t look forward to work, but that isn’t the case here. I get to hang out with snowmobilers all afternoon, so I actually look forward to it. If you are in the neighborhood stop by. I will have the camera there, and unlike last night, I will actually bring the film card for the camera this time (Doh!).

Have a fun and safe weekend, and thank you for visiting!