Saturday November 13th, 2010


Greetings and Welcome!

The storm has brought a lot of Northern WI, the UP, MN, and IA the first snow of the year. We had a little overnight that was a slushy layer early this morning, and gone pretty fast after the sun came up and it switched back to rain. I didn’t actually see it snow, but there were a few slushy patches at sunrise.

The storm is bringing significant snow to a lot of areas. If you draw a line from about Iron Mountain over to the SW corner of MN, north of there should be seeing accumulating snow. The western half of the UP, far NW WI and most of MN is seeing a very real winter storm, with some places seeing forecasts of 4-8, and 6-10 with winter storm warnings.

The path of the storm ended up not being favorable for snow in our area. The low is tracking north over the western half of WI. If it were tracking over eastern Lake Michigan it would be a very different day here.

From the looks of the models, the snow will be coming to our area as the storm progresses. More cold air will eventually come our way and we should see snow later tonight and Sunday. There is a diversity of opinion on how much, from snow showers to a possible 1-3.

The storm turned out to be a pretty significant one for a lot of areas.

While I am not too upset about missing this one, I am hoping that the storms this winter don’t follow the same trail.

Looking ahead on the GFS there is some pretty traditional weather showing. The Wednesday storm will probably go south of us, but we will see cold air behind it. The opening weekend of gun hunting looks normal and on the cold side. There is a storm showing for about that Monday or Tuesday, then more cold air. Winter is coming and it looks like it is right on schedule.

HaveĀ  a good weekend!