Saturday November 26th, 2011

Greetings and welcome!

It was not a very nice day for deer hunting, but it could have been worse. It was a gray overcast day in the mid-40s with an ongoing light drizzle. The places that had snow hidden in sheltered areas behind the rows of pine trees looked like a grass fire as the steam rose off of the snow. On the plus side, it wasn’t very cold or very windy. It would have been a great day in the duck blind.

As of 7:30pm it looks like the blob of drizzle over us on the radar will stay there a few more hours before clearing out. We are not expecting much for snow on the back of the storm, but areas by Vilas Co that get lake effect snow could see an inch or two overnight.

I got a little roasted tonight when I started the wood burner in anticipation of the colder weather moving in. The fire got hot like it was supposed to, but ooops it is still 46 degrees outside. Now it is 82 in here with the doors and windows open. The fun part is, in about four hours I will need that fire when the temp drops 10-15 degrees.

I took a run to Lakewood and Townsend today. I was surprised to see that Waubee Lake was iced most of the way over, and there was some on the north end of Townsend Flowage where you could see it from the road. I figured that the warm couple of days that we had would have taken that, but some does remain. It wasn’t anything that you could walk on, more of a first skin.

There wasn’t much snow left, it was only in the snow piles and in sheltered spots, and not much there.

I have been meaning to mention that the Lakewood BP station is back open again. It is now a Shell station, and it is owned by the same people that own Townsend Shell. They will be a good source for no ethanol premium, I prefer the Shell 93 no E, and it is a nice ride between here and there.

Sunday doesn’t look too bad for weather. It should be cloudy and in the mid-30s with a little bit of wind. The NWS says 10-15mph. There could also be a few snow showers as the storm moves out, and I’d expect a sharp drop in temperatures as the day gets close to sunset. We are expecting a low of about 20 Sunday night.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!