Saturday Feb 11th, 2012 1:30pm

Greetings and welcome!

Blogging live from Rapids Resort at the moment, taking a break between groups of riders.

The 3″ or so of snow seemed to do the trails a lot of good. The trail out back and the ones between here and the gas station looked pretty decent. The trails to the north that I showed you on Friday should be really nice with the flat hard packed base and the fresh snow. We don’t have to worry about whoopties too much with the base nice and firm, but there is plenty of free snow for cooling and slides.

I know that Iron Snowshoe has been through with the groomer and nearby clubs also ran since the snow. It isn’t perfect but it looks very rideable. I am looking forward to pulling the rope tomorrow or Monday. I will probably still stay north of C, but the snow clearly helped the the bare and thin trails south of there too.

The weather is on the cold side, but it doesn’t seem as bad as the forecast made it out to be. We did see -5 last night, but I don’t remember that much wind. Today it is 16 and sunny and again it isn’t that windy. It might be out on the lakes at the various events, but it doesn’t seem like it here. We are in for another cold night, but tomorrow and Monday look like highs in the upper 20s to around 30.

Based on the hit counter there should be a lot of people around this weekend. Cellcom’s data service is also reeaaallyy slooow again today, indicating a lot of weekend people with smart phones and such.

If you are in the neighborhood stop by Rapids Resort. I am here with the camera and will be glad to do a web shot of you and the group. I should be here for a few hours yet, and probably later if the beer starts tasting good.

Ooop, time to get back to work..

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!