Sunday 1-24-10


The storm did not go as I expected and it looks like we are getting rain. We had almost 2″ of snow this morning, but the rain ate it.

My expected changeover at noon happened, but not here. According to the radar it is snowing in Carter & Wabeno and points west. That leaves us watching the storm from 20 miles on the wrong side of the line. That is what the radar shows anyway.

The bulk of the storm has past, and hopes are slim for snow on the back of the storm. It looks like a dry slot will form and limit snow on the cold side of the storm, so while we might get some, it does not look like a lot. The storm is expected to wrap back around and catch us with a little snow Monday, but the bulk of the precip and energy from the storm has passed.

There is not much to get excited about in the short or long term forecast. It looks like we will be off of the trail for a while. Hopefully that changes.