Sunday 1-24-21-Updated 2:45pm

Update- When I went out and about there was a little more snow than I had in my driveway. I will update my total to 3-4″. RJB

Greetings and welcome!

The snow started late last night. As of 10am I have just under 3″. My official tally at the moment is 2 3/4″. The tape measure pic is a little deceiving because I am looking down at it instead of shooting it horizontally.


The snow has not bonded to the ice yet, making icy spots very slippery.

I got a look to the north and west Friday when I went to Rhinelander. Forest and Oneida Counties are one good snow away from being able to open. They have more snow than us, maybe 6-8′. Most trails were panned. I agree with not opening them yet, one good weekend would grind it all into dirt by Sunday morning. On the way there I saw that Red Arrow (Townsend) and Paul Bunyan (Lakewood) had also panned. There wasn’t a lot to work with but they tried to make it into a little bit of base. It was worthy of the effort.

The cold weather has continued. We had a low of -2 Friday night, a high of  23 Saturday and a low of 15 last night. We are at 23 right now and could see a low of 9 tonight. That can only be good for making ice and frost in the ground.

The various models are snowing a 4-6″ snow possible about a week out and then some bigger storms for about Feb 4th and 6th.

It looks like Michigan will re-open bars and restaurants as of Feb 1, but with significant restrictions (25% capacity, 6′ distancing, masks..). Prior to that all of them were closed for the COVID since the beginning of deer hunting. Unless the governor changes her mind (again) there should be some trail stops open after next weekend.

Some guys were talking about that the other day. There are riding opportunities, but you were basically riding from gas station to gas station with nowhere to warm up. It was fun, just not as much. Now they might have trail stops back.

That is it for today. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!