Sunday 1-7-18


The snow Saturday night ended up being a dusting, which the warm day and sun cleared off of the car by noon. Sunday evening’s snow was even less, showing up on radar but only a few flakes here on the ground.

We do still have snow possible for Thursday. Right now my best guess is that it will be a 2-4 or 3-6 snow. Hopefully it ends up being more. It could start as rain and switch over.

010718aSaturday morning the GFS was showing three strong storms in a row for about the 20th-21st. It has now consolidated it into one powerful storm.

When I was chasing around this weekend I got a look at the trails between Lakewood and Silver Cliff. It looked nice, the clubs’ decision to hold off traffic was a good one. The Nicolet trail along Hwy 32 was holding snow and in good shape Saturday afternoon, and the trails along Hwy F looked good too.

The warmer weather this week is a nice change from single digit high temperatures an -15 to -20 lows overnight. So far the forecast is keeping us below 32 except for Wednesday when we could see 39 ahead of the storm. It would be great if Thursday’s snow got out of hand and Wednesday’s near 40 day didn’t.

010718bAs far as riding the local trails are looking pretty beat. There are good and bad spots, and all of it is based on minimal snow.. 8-10″ for the season. This picture was taken between High Falls and Caldron Falls Flowages. The field up the road is worn through, the roadside trail 1/4 mile away has full coverage and looks good.

Conditions looked much better around Lakewood. The extreme cold and closing the trails did a nice job of setting up a sturdy base. I would ride the trails that I saw still expecting early season conditions.

It is going to be an interesting week.

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  1. Ray, we rode over 400 miles on Northern Oconto County trails from Thursday (opening day) through Sunday. Trails are very early season- thin in some areas, rutted, dips, rocks, etc., but overall a fun ride. Conditions yesterday were complicated and downgraded by a throttle jockey with a studded track and heavy thumb who rode many of the wooded trails yesterday and tore up the middle of the trail by continually “roosting” and leaving a bare trail with piles of snow/gravel mix in his wake. My sleds will be parked until we get more snow here.

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