Sunday 11-12-17

Greetings and welcome!
We had some snow yesterday. Here in Silver Cliff I had about 2.5″. I am not sure about its fate though. I am looking at the TV weather channel out of Green Bay and I see a lot of mid-40s ahead for this week. The ground is frozen, so the threat is from the sun and warm temperatures.

The sun is actually a factor still. When I went to check the ice at Boat Landing 11 on Friday the side road held snow and ice, but the sunny spots quickly burned off and were bare and dry.

One of my little measures of sun intensity is how far we are from the winter solstice. By my count we are 39 days out, which on the other side of the solstice would be about February 1st. The sun isn’t super intense on 2-1 but is becoming a factor by then, so it isn’t a surprise that it is still burning off roads in early November.

Looking at the most recent ENSO update (ENSO=ElNino Southern Oscillation) It looks like we are in for an LaNina (Cold Phase) year this winter. That can go very well for us, or like last year, very poorly. I would much prefer it neutral or a slight LaNina to an ElNino year. We all know that ElNino spells disaster for snowmobiling. Too much La Nina can be bad too. Right now the models do not show it getting too far out of hand so hopefully we will be ok.

Well it is almost 40 outside so I have to go outside and do chores. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!