Sunday 11/27/16

Greetings and welcome!

A ride home from Lakewood via the forest roads late Saturday afternoon gave me a better chance to get a look around than I get going to and from work. I liked that a little bit of snow was packing down into a mini-base in really sheltered areas on the forest roads. It was only a tiny little bit but I was getting all excited about it. There were patchy areas of snow in the woods that held maybe 1/2″ or lessĀ  where the sun couldn’t reach it.

I also made a stop at Boat Landing 11 on Caldron Falls Flowage and found a lot more ice than I expected. The river was open but the bay by the landing was all iced over, as were the river edges. It was only about 1/2″ thick and a test foot on the ice sent a crack flying out into the bay. Ok, warning headed, no soaker today.

Once we get past some warm and very wet weather early week I am seeing more seasonal temperatures ahead. That will help with the freezing of the land and waters. I am also seeing a monster storm for about the 10th. At 13 days out it is just a nice cartoon, but it says what I want to see.. big storm, lots of moisture, plenty of cold air to make it snow. It would be a good way to kick off the season.

That’s news for today. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!