Sunday 12-10-17

Greetings and welcome!

The Friday night snow brought just under an inch. It was enough to make the roads slippery, but that is about it. Last night we had another little disturbance move through with a dusting. There is more snow possible tonight and tomorrow. The NWS is looking for less than 1/2″ tonight and about an inch tomorrow.

These pix are from about 11:30am this morning.

It seems like a little nicer day today. The wind isn’t howling and it is about 20 outside. Compared to the evening temperatures and the howling winds of last week it feels like a spring day.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!



4 thoughts on “Sunday 12-10-17

  1. H Curt!
    Thank you for your comment and support! I will get it set up in the next day or so. Thanks!

  2. Great to see you once again have everything fengshui with the big snow page Ray! Comments are back so I can report our local Silver Cliff snowmobile trail conditions and conditions of the areas around the neighborhood as well. Look forward to hitting the trails ASAP!

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