Sunday 12-18-16

Greetings and welcome!


Just saw on the TV that Wabeno made -15F. I checked Athelstane Weather and they have -10.5. That’s without windchill. Whatever the case, it is cold outside.

We briefly got out of single digits today around noon, but it was about 5 degrees when I went outside to play at 3:30. I did hear the snowmobile run today but I didn’t ride. There were some challenges that I just wasn’t going to deal with a 3 or 5 degrees and I was short on daylight for my chores after the game.

When I was out snowblowing the wood yard I could tell that the snow had set up pretty nicely. We lost an inch or two to settling, but there is still plenty there. It had the snowblower working hard enough. My bet is that it is a good start on trails. It will likely settle more this week when Tue-Fri will be much warmer (around 30).

The photo drought here will end this week. My Nikon DSLR needs a new battery, and my phone card reader decided to not work this week. I was pretty unhappy about no snow pix this weekend and I need a trail cam for riding anyway, so I pulled the trigger on a nice little Nikon point n shoot. It is a Coolpix P530, and it sounds like a sharp little camera. I cant wait to hit the trail with it.

That’s it for tonight. Have a good week and thank you for visiting.