Sunday 12-23-18

Greetings and welcome!
Winter is here. Friday at 4:23 we hit the winter solstice. Soon the days will start getting longer.

We have some snow to talk about. First up we have a couple of small disturbances coming the first part of the week. There is a little snow falling right now, but so far it is only a dusting. If it adds up to light snow or 1/2″ it would be a lot. Mostly it is that winter wonderland snow.

Wednesday night into Friday there is a much bigger storm coming our way. Details are sketchy at 4 days out but the potential for meaningful precip is there. The GFS model has us getting significant precip, but some of it won’t be in the form that we want. The European model is much more snow friendly and what it is showing would be a great start for trails.

For now we have to continue to wait to see what our storm will bring.

For those of you with wheels on your mobiles there are trails open. Iron Snowshoe has ATV trails open north of Hwy C, and the Dun-Good club is also open for wheelers. With a lot of bare ground and 2-3″ of snow -at best- snowmobiling is not recommended.

Apparently hackers are not a friend of the spark plug. They are after me in a big way this week. My in box is full of notifications of hacking attempts on the page here. I have had over 14,000 attempts today alone according to my firewall and it is only 11am. I have done this for a long time so I am not an easy target, but no one is hack proof. They will not like it when I get irritated and go proactive. I am talking to you New Jersey.

Anyway, we have some snow in the forecast FINALLY. Hopefully it works out for us.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!