Sunday 12–25-16

Greetings and merry Christmas!

11:25pm- Still rain. About 1/4″ of ice on the porch rail.

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The new snow is gone, now it is a cold rain.


It started snowing with light flurries this morning. There was no accumulation beyond a dusting.

A few minutes ago the first real precip from tonight’s storm hit. It was small flakes of chunky heavy snow, and it is falling fast. It will be great foundation snow, hopefully we get a whole bunch of it. I am a little optimistic seeing the first wave of the storm advancing on radar. Right now the green ( rain) is being absorbed into pink and white as it moves north.

The sound of the snow on the chimney cap just changed. It is now sleet, snow chunks, and a couple of big goose down flakes. Looks like we are right on that line.

Yesterday got a little too warm. Plowed and treated roads got down to bare. Otherwise it was a good thing to compact the snow to make a base.

The storm tonight will eventually turn to rain. The hope is that we get an inch or three down first to absorb it, making that world famous ice base that helps the trails stay durable and extends our season through minor warm spells.