Sunday 12/22/13

Greetings and welcome!

8:30 pm

We got about 3″ of snow today. It was a steady light snow that just kept going. It wasn’t a blizzard, but it is adding up. The car picture shows today’s snow, the other pictures show snow cover in the unplowed areas in the front yard and down by the shop. Click a picture to start a slide show of bigger images.

We could see another inch tomorrow, and there is a clipper with and inch or three possible for late Tuesday.

I did not make it to Lakewood today, but will in the next day or two.

I didn’t get my whole list done, but it was a productive day. I know more about Meyers Plow crossover valves and solenoid valves than I want to, but I got ‘er done. That victory came at about sunset, but I did have enough light left to plow my way into the back shed, tug the pretty RXL out of the way, and pull the Indy Trail out of the shed.

As I mentioned, the little Trail sled was put away in nice shape. Surprisingly the battery still held a full charge, and it spun the electric start over easily. On the third try it fired up and ran good. Even though I used Stabil and non-ethanol gas when I stored it, and it smelled good, I still want to drain the tank and start fresh. I did manage about 4 victory laps around the driveway loop, but that was it until it gets checked out.

The Cat in the shed is on the docket for tomorrow night. I have a friend coming over to give me a hand putting the suspension in, making it a pretty quick affair. I am expecting to test ride that tomorrow night.

If it works out, I will pull the Trail into the shop and give it a look-see. It shouldn’t need much but it needs a look.

I am expecting to go and get another friend’s sled either Christmas Day or Saturday. That one needs some love, it is time to ride, and I am about 2 weeks behind where I need to be.

Once that gets done, I will pull out the nice RXL that a generous web site visitor donated last year. That one is really nice and a blast to ride. I have my work cut out for me and that is the prize for getting it done.

The battery in the Indy Trail is something to share. I get sealed AGM batteries for like $30-35. It is a better battery for my EFI and it doesn’t spill. That one was a second year battery from the pretty RXL. The RXLs get new batteries every year, no matter if the old one is good or not. It was a good battery, so I put it into the Trail for the electric start. It works great.

I cross referenced size and terminal configuration of the traditional RXL battery into an AGM battery. It is cheaper, slightly stronger, and I like better than the Yuasa lead acid ones. Once I pop the hood I will get the size off of the battery and share it.

Speaking of parts, I got a box of plugs off of E-Bay last night for $14 shipped. Yee ha! You never know what you will find on there.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!



It is snowing lightly with a fine powder snow. There is about 1/4- 1/2″ down now and it is snowing light but steadily. The NWS is looking for 2″ and maybe one more tonight.

I have a new link to add this morning. Our friend Patti Mullarky sent info on the new Marinette County Snowmobile Alliance web site. It is at . It has a listing for all of the county clubs, and a listing of all of  their current trail conditions.

If you don’t know Patti or her name you should. She is active in several clubs as well as the Snowmobile Alliance, and she does a lot to make our sport better. If she is running the site it will be up to date and a good resource.

I have added a link to the RH link menu and it is not showing up. I will work on that later.

Right now I am off to go work outside. The plow truck is getting a new solenoid on the pump, new hose couplers, a ram flush and pump fluid change, the plow mounted back onto the truck, and a workout. It hasn’t been working yet this year, and it is time.

Next up is the Cat in the shop. That needs the suspension reinstalled, track alignment, and fluids. After that is the test run and oil pump bleeding, hopefully followed by a few victory laps around the driveway.

I still haven’t decided which way to go about putting the suspension back in. At the dealership I would put the front bolts in and get them started, and use a ratchet strap to collapse the back arm to line up the back holes. On my Polaris snowmobiles I take the springs off of the front mounts and line up the back holes without the suspension under pressure.

On the Cats that works, but you have to make sure that the shock mount bracket doesn’t pivot down and gouge the track. It would do a lot of damage. Here is a page on mounting them, and the 6th picture down shows the arm to watch out for.

Hopefully that all goes well and I can pull the 500 out and get it onto the trail, and a fuel run to Lakewood. It is a big menu, so I am off to dive into it.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!