Sunday 12/4/16

Monday morning update-

The snow continued longer than expected, the new total is 2″+.


Greetings and welcome!

We have had some snow this weekend. Saturday a snow squall came through that didn’t show up on radar. It showed up on the ground though, I had about 1/2″ down. It was very localized. There was close to an inch down by Kosir’s and by C & F, but nothing on cam at Athelstane weather, or 2 miles down F toward Lakewood.

When I took the forest roads home from Lakewood last night most had full coverage but it was only a dusting.

Today we had a lot more snow. It is still snowing at diner time and my front porch rail has 1.25″ on it. The radar shows that the end of the snow is near, so I will guess that we will see 1.5″ or so.

It is ok that we didn’t get a lot of snow, the ground isn’t very frozen just yet. The NWS has the second half of the week a lot colder with highs in the 20s and lows in the mid-teens. That should help make some ice and frost in the ground. With the wet fall we could really use that before it snows a lot.

The GFS forecast model is on board with the cold first idea. Our big storm has been replaced by a push of cold air that will reach all of the way to the Gulf of Mexico. There is still a nice looking storm about the 12th and again about the 20th.

For now we wait.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!