Sunday 2-12-2023

Greetings and welcome!

1:30pm- 50ºF and full sun. If they haven’t closed the trails yet they probably should.

Morning update- So who pushed the SUCK button on the weather? Could you please jiggle the handle or something?!?

Yesterday we got up to 47ºF with plenty of wind. It looks like we are going to get there again today and again Monday. The haymaker punch comes on Tuesday when we could get similar temperatures AND 0.5-0.75″ of rain.

The trail base is thick with ice and that part will handle it well. Places that are thin or down to dirt not so much.

There is a glimmer of hope later in the week. The scenario that I am seeing on the GFS model and to some extent on the Euro is what I call a double barrel low setup. Typically this comes with the first storm not all that favorable for us, then the second storm right on its heels bringing snow and a lot of it. I have seen it quite a few times before, and the most memorable one was about 10 or 12 years ago. Between the two storms we ended up with about 17″ of snow. Yee haw!

Here is a look at the Wednesday GFS..

While I’m not aiming that high just yet, I do like the setup. In some model runs the second storm misses us to the south, and in some model runs it bull’s eyes us. Hopefully it is the current GFS version with the low pressure area tracking perfectly between Milwaukee and Chicago and putting us into the heavy snow bands.


There was a lot less traffic this weekend than in years past. Usually the weekend of High Falls Fish-O-Rama/Winterfest/Radar Runs is incredibly busy. It was busy enough but not like in years past. I think that the big difference is that they changed weekends for the Super(hype)Bowl. It used to be late in January, and more recently the first weekend in February. Last year they changed it to the second weekend on Feb and it is that weekend again this year.

For the last 20+ years Fish-O-Rama was always the second Saturday of February. There were still tons of people at Fish-O-Rama and on the trails, but not like it has been some years.  I think between all of the Super Bowl parties and the mediocre trail conditions we missed a lot of regular visitors.

I have been considering a Big Snow Page ad telling people that they should be riding instead of watching the superbowl, but (counting change) I am only up to $0.75 toward that $7,000,000 thirty second ad spot and they won’t call me back. O well.

Anyway if all goes well I am going to try to get my Mrs out onto the trail with the his ‘n hers twin Indy Trails between when it is chilly and when it starts getting too warm.

That is it from here. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!