Sunday 2-19-17

Greetings and welcome!

Saturday brought full sun and record warmth with a high of 62 degrees. While it was novel to go outside without a jacket on, it was pretty hard on the snow cover. A walk around the Ponderosa this afternoon found that the sheltered areas kept their base, though it was getting icy and a little soft in places. Sunny areas in the wood yard and plowed driveway got muddy. The water was dripping off of the wood pile at a pretty good pace. As I type this about midnight Saturday night it is still 39 degrees out. It sure isn’t what a snowmobile wants to see in February.

With high temperatures above 50 expected through Wednesday and a decent rain storm early week the future isn’t all that bright. It will eventually cool off later next week, and there are chances of a decent snow storm on about the 24th & 28th.