Sunday 2-5-2023

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a big weekend for snowmobiling around here. I saw and heard hundreds of snowmobiles go past the house Friday afternoon and Saturday. Friends’ FaceBook posts showed the the outhouse races at Firelane were a good time and well attended. After the rough start to this winter it is great to see so many people out having fun.

The weather for the week ahead is looking interesting. There are a lot of days that will get into the upper thirties or worse. We could even see some light rain or snow Tuesday. More of interest is the big storm showing up on the forecast models for Thursday. There have been a variety of solutions offered in the different model runs. Some have a 6″+ snow heading our way. Farther out in the GFS forecast model there are a couple of more bigger storms to watch. There are no sure things, but at least we are in the game.

I ran into these guys over the weekend. This is Tim from Germantown, the next town west from where I grew up.

Next weekend will be a busy weekend too. It is the weekend of the High Falls Flowage Winterfest/Fish-O-Rama/Radar Runs. There are always a lot of events and a lot of people that come to have fun. Get it while you can. Our season is all too short.

Now that it has warmed up outside I am off to the shop and eventually the trails.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!