Sunday 3-13-2022 Surprise Again?


Greetings and welcome!

I told you about the narrow band of snow that will be somewhere in our neighborhood tomorrow. The models agree pretty well that it will be setting up somewhere between Hwy 29 near Green Bay, and Hwy 8.

Since my update earlier today the rapid update and NWS forecast models have moved that area of snow up into our neighborhood. Other models still are pushing the meaningful snow south of us.

Here is a graphic from Fox 11 WLUK out of Green Bay on their 9pm newscast. That white blob shows us getting 6-7″ of wet heavy snow in a very small area. It goes from my neighborhood by Caldron Falls Flowage up to about Goodman Park, but not quite to Lakewood or Wausaukee. If you ignore the white blob a larger area is in for 4-6″. Keep in mind that it will be a high of 34, so it will likely be wet snow.

It won’t last long. Tuesday will be 45 and sunny and Wednesday 55 and sunny.

Will it hit us with 7″ of wet snow or go 40 miles south? I guess that we will know in 24 hours.