Sunday 3-13-2022

Greetings and welcome!

We had close to 2″ of snow last night. Surprise! It didn’t last long. It is almost 40 and it’s sunny, and at 1pm most of it is gone in sunny areas.

There is more snow possible Monday. That one is a very narrow band of snow about 40 miles wide. If it lines up just right could bring us 3″.

The rest of the week looks too warm for our needs. We are looking at 43 Tuesday, 53 Wednesday,48 Thursday, 42 Friday, and 46 next Saturday. Beyond that, today is the ‘spring ahead’ day of daylight savings time, meaning that the sun now sets at 7pm. Today we have 11:47 of daylight. We are a week away from the spring equinox when we have equal 12 hour periods of day and night.

You saw that Oconto Co is closing trails Monday. I got word that Forest Co is closing Monday too. Marinette Co does not close north of Brandywine until the trails close for the spring ‘breakup’ because they are mostly year ’round trails for ATVs. The Iron Snowshoe trails south of Brandywine Rd are getting pretty marginal with the sun winning in a lot of spots. I’d be surprised if they didn’t close soon.

While there are riding opportunities out there, the time is growing short and areas to ride are getting a lot smaller. There is nothing to look forward to as far as big snows. The only snow showing up on the 10 day Euro model is the narrow band for Monday.

I will come back at some point to wrap up the season. In the meantime have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!