Sunday 3-23-14

Greetings and welcome!

It is another much colder than normal day, but at this time of year twenty degrees below normal still meansĀ  20 degrees for a high temp. We have a colder than normal week ahead too, along with a chance at a big storm.That big storm is a shot at one more weekend before the axe falls.

It is a week out in the time frame, but the GFS is showing a warm day next Sunday, followed by a warm week with some 50+ temps and some pretty good rains. Not only will the calendar suggest that the season is over, the weather will too.

Right now my hope is that this week will stay cold and the Thursday storm will be good to us.

The trails that I saw yesterday looked ok in Wausaukee and east of Athelstane. There wasn’t a lot of free snow but they looked ok for March 22nd. Around here and south into the flowages area found less inviting conditions. There is a good base but it was mostly ice with less than an inch of snow on it. You could see the ice in the tracks.

There were sunny spots too, and the afternoon sun made them soft yesterday. Neighbors were parking at the end of the driveways because they were getting muddy. That suggests some soft stuff on the trail too.

Beyond the occasional sunny spot it looked like we really still had a good base, but we needĀ  snow to cover the ice base and fill in the sunny spots. Thursday’s storm brings a chance of that, and the possibility of good conditions next weekend.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!