Sunday 3-26-2023

Greetings and welcome!

We had a crazy snowstorm yesterday that hit a lot of Wisconsin and the UP but didn’t give us more than a couple of random flakes.

The storm surprised meteorologists when it intensified a lot more than expected.

A surprise 20″ in Menasha and 13″ in Green Bay? Yowza. That was wet heavy snow too.

Yesterday we were heading to the UP about 20 miles east of Wausaukee in the car. West of Wausaukee the roads were dry and there was no snow. In Wausaukee there were wet roads and the occasional flake. By the time we got to Bear Point the road was mostly white and it was snowing pretty good. When we got to the Heritage Inn and Wagner Town Hall six miles farther east we turned around because there was already 3″ of snow on the road and it was coming down at what I would estimate to be 2-3″ per hour.

I texted the guy let’s reschedule. He said no prob, we already have 3-4″ down and it is coming hard and fast. I was going to check out a big Class A diesel motor home for someone and we sure weren’t going on any test drives in a 26,000 pound truck with slicks on it..

Speaking of lots of snow.. I found a FB post about 648″ of snowfall at Kirkwood Mountain Resort in CA. Yowza again!! That is 54 FEET of snow in one year. They had to dig out the ski lifts! Around here that would be a huge disaster as roofs collapsed and people got stuck in their homes. We would probably have trails open into July or August though..

Around here the snow and ice is slowly melting. Sunny spots are bare or getting there. Moderatly sheltered trails still have snow cover and a big ice base. The woods still has a lot of snow. Because of the sun and melting they were wise to close the trails when they did. Now they have closed the trail between Jungle Jim’s and Brandywine Lane, leaving only the county land trails between there and the Dun-Good trails open. Those are year ’round snowmobile & ATV trails and they only close for the spring frost-out or when safety is an issue.

I still haven’t brought myself to write an epilogue post on the season. I will work on that in the near future.

I am hoping to move the snow ponies to long term storage today. My storage regime includes using Startron in the gas and fogging oil in both the engine and on parts that rust or corrode like the muffler and outside of the engine. I will lift up the back end on blocks so that the suspension springs are relaxed, and I put a well stuffed piece of steel wool into the exhaust pipe to keep the mice out. I am also a fan of Tomcat mouse poison blocks on a piece of foil in the belly pan. Those have done a good job for me in the snowmobiles, storage buildings, houses, and campers. I buy those by the bucket. Link

The Startron is the best fuel stabilizer that I have used so far. Stabil left my gas smelly and my carbs a mess. Never again. Sea Foam left the carbs pretty clean but the gas was borderline stinky. Startron leaves the gas smelling like the day that I pumped it and the carbs perfect. I still swap out that gas in the fall, but at least I can use it in the cars, lawn mowers, or the generators.

The Startron link is just an example of what it is. Personally I buy it in the huge bottle and add it to my gas cans every time that I fill them all year. I never will have stinky gas and ruined carbs. I have entirely too much power equipment to fool around with that.. Two boats, two snowmobiles, three chain saws, three tractors, four generators, an ATV, and at least 5 snowblowers. Yeah.. get the big bottle..

Time for me to go outside and play with some of that.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!