Sunday December 12th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

The snowy night has given way to a clear and windy day. It did continue to snow until after sunrise, so I would guess that we can add an inch or two to my previous totals. It is hard to tell with all of the drifting.

I haven’t gone outside to asses the situation yet. From the window it doesn’t look too bad. The driveway drifted full between the plow piles, and the back yard has about 2′ on it behind the wood shed. The back door on the work shed was swinging telling me that the front tarp might have come loose. Based on the snow behind the wood shed I am kind of expecting to see the snowmobiles drifted in up to the seats or handlebars.

Chris e-mailed from Crivitz saying that snow totals were hard to judge, one door had bare ground, one had a 15″ drift blocking it.

The Paul Bunyan Club in Lakewood is planning on sending groomers out this morning, and hoping to open trails Monday. Iron Snowshoe is planning on grooming Monday for a Tuesday opening. We will see how that goes once they get out and evaluate it.

More to follow..