Sunday Feb 21st, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

A lot of people were around to ride this weekend. Conditions varied, but the word north was spoken a lot. From C north was the hot ticket according to reports across the bar.

There was agreement that a little snow would go a long way. Though the sunny spots are growing a little, there are still good or good enough trails to be found north. I saw quite a few old friends, and will post some pictures tomorrow. There were also some big groups around, with 10-20 riders. While challenging logistically, that just has to be fun.

While there are no big storms to be excited about, a lot of our coming week holds promise. The storm that is missing us will recirculate back off of the east coast and give us a little wraparound snow from the back side of the storm. There are also other changes for light snow later in the week. Remembering the trails that I rode last week before the warm days brings me hopes of a repeat this week. It only took two snows totaling 2.5-3″ to make those trails nice.

The other weather item that might help is that the week looks mostly cloudy. The first non-cloudy day in the NWS forecast is Thursday with partly sunny & 26 for a high temp. Early week we should peak at about 30 or 32. Midweek hi temps drop a little into the mid-20s, and late week and weekend temp go back to the 30 degree range on the NWS forecast. Today is another warm one with a high of 35 as of 1pm. It is cloudy and that helped yesterday too.

There are also a few indicators that our weather pattern may be easing. There has been significant cooling in the ENSO regions, some of the indicies are showing change, and eventually we will hopefully see some change in the weather.

The moral of the story is don’t give up yet. From what I am seeing right now there is a chance for at least one or two more weekends based on the GFS, and I have a hunch that the farther reaches of that might and bring the possibility of a change in patterns or at least a break, and a chance at some bigger weather.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!