Sunday February 14, 2016

Monday 5am update- We saw almost 2″ overnight.

Greetings and welcome!

It was a cold weekend, but not quite as bad as expected. I was a little nervous about it on the way home Friday night. The front came through with a few snow showers and a sharp drop in temperature.It was zero by sunset.

The wind was very strong and was causing a lot of drifting and snow tornadoes in big fields. I was wondering how they were going to set up the tent for the High Falls Winterfest & Fish-O-Rama. Apparently they managed.

Saturday was a nice sunny day that started cold and ended up about 15 degrees, a little better than the forecast high of 9. Saturday night was cold. One local thermometer had -13 and another had -17.

Sunday was a little nicer. The wind kept blowing all day, but we did get up to 20. Light snow started falling at sunset, and that could turn into an inch or two, and we could see another inch or two Tuesday afternoon

Between a lot less traffic and the cold weather people found pretty good trails. There were a few trouble spots, but most people found good conditions.

This week looks like it will be a little warmer than last week. Highs for Monday through Thursday should at at or near freezing. Friday looks bad with a high of 45 and rain, followed by 40ish temps for the weekend.

We will keep and eye on the late week weather as the week progresses. Hopefully the forecast is more dramatic than the weather.

I did get to meet and see quite a few of you over the weekend. I have pictures below.

That is it for tonight. Than you to everyone that came to Rapids resort, and thank you for visiting!