Sunday February 19th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

We have another sunny day outside and as of 11am it is a pleasant 34 degrees.

We had a little snow Friday that added up to an inch or a little more in some spots. Friday afternoon it was a light fine powdery snow. A little after sunset it turned into big flakes falling at a fast rate. It is a shame that it didn’t last all night. It did go long enough to give us an inch or so. That slicked the roads up and made the world prettier to look at, but unfortunately it was not what we needed to rescue the trails.

Most of the area that I report on is unrideable. The exception to that would be up by Highway 8 and West of 32. Even there conditions vary, but there are still good spots to be found.

To get back on the trail system-wide we are probably going to need more than a 1-3 storm. There is a lot of bare stuff.

There are three snow chances this week. There is a Tuesday storm that looks well placed, but it is weak and does not look like a big snow producer. Right now I am seeing 1-3 with the accent on the 1. Thursday a similar storm is shown passing through our area, but with a little more moisture to work with.

The storm that has my attention is the one for next Sunday. If there was a Buy It Now button on the GFS forecast model I’d be clicking it. It is a big well placed storm with both southern moisture support and enough cold air. As shown it would probably be a 10″+ storm. The challenge with that is that it is still a week out in a forecast. It gets a little more attention than usual mostly because I like the set up of it and the first two storms this week. It is a little more encouraging than it has been in the past.

Well it is noon and 38 and sunny, time to go. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!