Sunday February 28th, 2021

Greetings and welcome!

It’s over. One of the worst snowmobile seasons in my 21 years of doing this has been put out of its misery.

The people that closed trails late last week were wise to do so. It saved a lot of people from coming to ride poor conditions.

When I went to work Friday morning there were a lot of nice roadside trails with occasional bad spots. On the way home it was like OMG did that melt down fast! Saturday was mostly sunny and 53. By 1pm there was really a lot of dirt and mud out there. No one would have been happy with the trails that I saw Saturday afternoon.

As always conditions change significantly even 10 or 20 miles to the north and west. I don’t know how they fared, but generally 53 and sunny isn’t good. Those trails are still open north of Hwy C.

Looking at the long term forecast models there is like zero hope of an encore snowstorm saving the day. There are two big storms about two weeks out. There frequently are in ElNino and LaNina winters. In this case if they actually showed up as portrayed, they would be rain for the most part.

There is a small storm heading our way for later today. It sounds like a mess of snow, rain, and freezing rain. If it all came as snow it might be a 2-4″ storm, possibly a little more if it went just right. As it stands we might see an inch or two of snow. It will probably get icy as temps drop into the teens Sunday night.

At any rate the trails in my area have closed and melted down. Barring a miracle it will be December before they open again.

I will return to say my goodbyes and maybe a little discussion on how I winterize. In the meantime, have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!