Sunday January 20th, 2013

Greetings and welcome!

We had some snow last night as the big front came through. It is hard to say how much because it is so wind blown, but I’d call it an inch plus. It was enough to fill in the tire tracks and cover the grass.

The wind was the real story. There were a lot of big gusts and I could hear stuff blowing around outside. The TV said that Antigo had peak wind gusts of about 45, but Sheboygan was close to 60mph.

The wind and cold are bringing a lot of lake effect snow to the lower UP’s north and western edges. The real UP is getting it from about Marquette east. Paradise would have been a good call, the whole northern edge of the eastern UP is getting hammered with lake effect snow.

The TV says that it is 2ยบ in Wabeno and not much for wind at the moment. Earlier we were at double digits, but the wind was whipping.

If you don’t like the cold the next two days will be a rough ride. Tomorrow the NWS is calling for a high of +2 and Tuesday a high of zero. Overnight lows look to be about -15, but I will guess that we could see -20s based on upper air temps.

The storm for late week looks like it is going south. Central IN and IL will see some snow, probably a 2-4 or 3-6. Here in the cheap seats we are only expecting light snow. There is another big storm shown hitting us about the 31st.

We got a new look today when I changed themes. It was probably time to retire the Christmas tree one for the season. I don’t like the header, but the rest seems decent. It does allow for a lot of features that the other one didn’t. We will see how it goes.

I got the Select Monitor software and cable for the RXL working. It was a worthwhile effort, there was some stuff that needed to be addressed. I wrote an article about it to help other people with RXLs, and that is posted in the RH column.

I am off to go bring in some more firewood while it is light out and above zero. The last part we might not see again for a couple of days. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!