Sunday March 10th, 2013

Winter Storm Warnings- 6-10″ tonight and Monday

10:20pm- Storm update-

There is about 2″ down as of 10:15pm. The snow was flying sideways at about a 45 degree angle and coming at a decent clip.

The weather on the 10pm Green Bay news showed Lakewood up to Pembine and Iron Mountain in the heaviest bands, with 7-9 expected. Based on a wider warning we are still expecting 5-9 or 10″.

We are about 30-40 miles north of the rain/snow line, so it is not only expected to be plentiful, it is sturdy packing snow. That will also mean that it will pack down on the roads and be icy.

A report from about 8:30pm had not much snow in Crivitz, but a few miles out of town had snow covered and slippery roads. The snow is expected to continue until about tomorrow noon or so.

More to follow-


Greetings and welcome!

Yesterday went about like I called it. We had a little snow from 11-11:30, a little rain until about noon, and then a decent day until about 3 or 4pm. Then it started raining.

Rain it did. It rained last night, it rained today. It is hard to put a number on how much it was, but I’d guess it at an inch plus.

When I went home last night the hard packed snow was getting an icy layer on top and the rain was making it slippery. It was not slushy, but rather hard instead. Looking out the door I don’t see much loss of base. Maybe the trails took it differently, I will find out in a little while when I head to the stores.

If we see the snow that they are calling for it is a distinct possibility that we will be able to ride this week and weekend. Last year we were in the 70s and 80s in March, this March seems to have a different path.

I will check in later or overnight on the latest storm update and what I saw along HWY 32.

Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!