Sunday-Monday 1-6/1-7, 2019 Storm Watch

Greetings and welcome,

3:15pm- The rain turned to mist and at 2:30 I went out to start snow removal chores. Wow is that some wet heavy snow. There is 4-6″ but my snowblower acted like it was 14″. I could only take about 1/3 of a scoop at a time. The ice that was under the snow made moving it even more challenging.

It looks like tomorrow night winter returns to start freezing in what is there. That will give the clubs a day to pan trails before it sets up. If it all goes according to plan it will make a great trail base. Hopefully our wheeled friends have the sense to leave them parked until it sets up.

Right now my trail camera is missing. I will get some pix with my phone before sunset and post them later.

12:45pm- It has been raining for the past three hours. My 7+ is now about 4″. I hope it stops soon.

9:15am- There is a big beautiful blanket of snow outside. The TV said that Athelstane had 6″. I am sure that I have that and more, probably 7-8. It has changed over to drizzle.

2am- Easily 3″ on the back step. Snowin’ and blowin’ hard.

1:15am- Snowing hard. Easily 2″ on the back step.


The NWS has winter storm warnings out for our area. The TV says locally 8+. To the south a mile it’s 3-6″ and a winter weather advisory. A look at the national radar suggests that we will have a good night. At the moment we are still in the dry slot and nothing at all is falling.

Be back in the AM.



About an inch of fine snow down. We are in a dry slot now, usually really bad news, but the radar says that it will be ok in a little while.