Sunday night 11-24-19

10:30pm Sunday night

Greetings and welcome!

Remember how I said It is shown reaching 992mb for central pressure, a moderately strong storm. If it had more moisture to work with it could be a good one.

Well here we are. The latest model runs show a lot of moisture coming with the storm. The TV says a general 4-8 across northern WI, with up to 12 possible near the UP. Lakewood is shown at 8.1″

The QPF on this storm shows 1.0-1.5″ of rainfall equivalent on the North American model

and 1.5-2.0″ of rainfall equivalent on the GFS model.

If we go conservative and say that we have 1.0″ of rainfall equivalent, deduct 1/3 for rain and go at a 10″ per inch of rain we are still looking at 6-7″.That is the low end number.

The timing changed a little too. Now it looks like a Tuesday night Wednesday storm.

I’m going to take it seriously with my snow preparations but I know that it could easily miss us or be a lot less. A lot could change in two days. At the moment everything in front of me says that we are in for a pretty good storm with strong winds and a pretty good dose of snow.

There is another storm on tap for late week that could be another one to watch.

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Have a good week and thank you for visiting!