Sunday Night 11/22/15

Greetings and welcome!

Late Sunday afternoon today I made my run to Lakewood, Townsend, and Carter for supplies.

On the way to Lakewood I saw that Waubee Lake only had ice right along the shore, at least from what I could tell driving by the Beach Club.

Just outside of Lakewood I started noticing that there was a dusting of light snow, and it was sticking on driveways and trails.

Passing the Townsend Flowage just north of town I was surprised to see the flowage skinned all of the way across with ice, with the exception of a few holes here and there.

As I crossed the county line coming into Carter there was suddenly light snow on the roads.A mile south there was nothing, and across the line light snow was gathering on the sides and between lanes.

I saw a few cars on the highway that had salt on them and even a rooftop of snow.

Later tonight we could see a little light snow that could add up to an inch. The ground is frozen enough to hold snow, so it could actually accumulate on the ground and roads.

The storm for Wednesday night into Thursday still looks like a rain-maker, but the rain/snow line is closer in my latest guidance. Someone in the area could get significant snow if it goes that way.

One of you e-mailed and mentioned that the comments were closed. About the time of the site rebuild the plugin that I use to filter the spam comments raised their price. I now have a new system in place and as of this post, comments are open. Your first comment will get moderated, but you should be able to post freely after that.

That is news for tonight. Have a good week and thank you for visiting!