Sunday November 22, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

It feels like old times updating at 3am..

As predicted the storm stayed downstate, and we did not see snow here at all. According to the Milwaukee JS the grand prize winner in WI was Footville in western Rock Co. where they counted 17″.

We did get the cold behind the storm though. Watching the rotating station reports on the Green Bay weather channel 2-2 I see that Shawano is marking 7 degrees, and Wabeno is reporting 9. Athelstane Weather is showing 15, and Crivitz a degree less..

That is good, we need frost in the ground. When I was doing a little shovel work yesterday the ground was only a little firm on top. Once I broke through the crust it was not frozen at all.

As wet as it has been lately we really are going to want to see a good frost in the ground before the snow comes or swamps and low areas are going to be problematic.

Looking at the next 7 days, tonight is the best chance of getting that frost. I am seeing above freezing low temperatures 3 of the 7 days, and above 40 high temperatures 5 of 7 days with Thanksgiving possibly hitting 50.

There is a storm coming in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, which at the moment looks like more rain for Wednesday night through Friday. We could see a little snow and cold on the backside of the storm, but how much remains a question.

The latest GFS guidance has this storm with the most potential for accumulating snow of recent storms, it is shown tracking a little east of where the past few did. We are still on the warm side of the storm, but a little adjustment of a hundred miles could change that significantly.

Last Thursday night there was a little snow being blown around by the wind and it sort of got me in the mood. Walking by the little Indy 500 I wondered if it would start. It has about a 4 year old battery in it, but it is was a good one. It has never seen a maintainer or a charger.

Not really expecting anything, I headed inside for my key. I was only a little surprised at the result. The little sled spun over like it was a brand new battery and fired up as soon as the gas hit the carbs. I even moved it under its own power Saturday to clear the way for another project.

That brings two success stories to share. First is the battery. It is one of those MotoBatt yellow AGM batteries. Here is a link to it on E-Bay. They are expensive, but my first go at them was impressive. I am pretty sure that battery is heading into its 4th season.

Success story number two comes with my fuel stabilizer. This year I tried a product called Startron. It comes in a blue bottle and the small one is about $8. I was impressed with the way that the gas smelled in the 500 and the carbs did not get gummed up, so it passed my test.

Something very exciting around here is that I got Hughesnet satellite internet yesterday. Yesterday morning I was marking speeds of 1.4Kb/sec on Cellcom, worse than dial-up. I just ran a speed test on the Hughesnet and I am getting 20MB down speeds.

When the Cellcom home internet came out it was good. The network got more and more loaded down as more people signed up and more people got smart phones.

Eventually it got really slow, and unusable on busy weekends. It has been like that for a few years now. That cost me countless hours of being able to work on web sites on weekends and a lot more time just doing research for my updates.

It has only been one day, but I like it so far.

That’s it from here. Have a good Sunday and thank you for visiting!