Sunday October 15, 2017

Greetings and welcome!

I hope that everyone found good deals at the Snowmobile USA show this weekend. As usual I didn’t get there but wanted to.

The weather was pretty nasty around here with a southern storm that brought rain, wind and colder temperatures. While it isn’t valid, it is fun to think a bout what if it came on January 15th or 30th. I think that it would have been a snow maker.

I did find my missing paper wasp nest from the work shed. It is in a maple behind the shed about 15-20 feet up. I can’t promise that it means snow, but it is very different than the 4-6 foot off of the ground nests of the last two years.

There was a bit on the weather channel out of Green Bay today that said that we were 8 degrees above normal for the month so far. The coming week will feature high temps in the 60s, with 70s possible late week, so the trend will continue for now.

My survival voice is saying I have seen this cartoon before. Don’t get used to it and dawdle on your outside work. I had to go and look and the GFS forecast model shows that door closing about the middle of next week, and a chance of accumulating snow for Saturday night of Halloween weekend. October is a month of some huge changes, and sometimes they come fast.

About a week ago Facebook recommended a Polaris Indy Wedge group. I joined and found some great old sleds, parts, and a lot of very knowledgeable people. It was a good find. There are no doubt groups like that for the newer sleds too.

I like to leave on an upbeat note and here it is. Last night the back of the storm has one radar image in the animation that had Iron Co showing a snow mix. I didn’t see flakes here, but two counties away is getting close.

Have a good week and thank you for visiting!