Sunday October 18th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

We had some more snow in the region yesterday. There was lake effect snow coming across the UP in what looked like Alger, Schoolcraft, and Delta Counties for much of yesterday. I don’t have accumulation reports yet, I just saw it on radar.

There was also some snow on the radar in much of central and northern WI for a little while yesterday morning. I wouldn’t expect any accumulation, but there was a news report this morning that had a car sliding through a stop sign in Dodge County. (Near Fon du Lac) and the ground had a pretty good white coating.

So far in Silver Cliff we have only had the dusting that I showed on the picnic table yesterday, and the snowballs in the downpour the day before. We have not had white ground yet.

The past few nights we have seen temperatures in the low and mid-20s. It is still getting up into the 40s during the day so it is not exactly winter yet, but it is getting closer. The wood burner has been running nights for sure and sometimes through the day.

We have a new snowmobile registration system in Wisconsin this year. You need a registration and a trail pass. You can get a better deal by joining a club and getting trail passes through the AWSC, but you need to get started on that at least a month ahead of the season. I wrote a page about it and it is linked here or above in the top menu.

That is it for now. I will be back soon. Have a good fall and thank you for visiting!